The Things You Should and Shouldn’t Do as You Clean Up Water Damage

Some things are extremely common and yet feared, such as water damage. Since we all have water that course throughout our homes to assist us with our day to day lives, it’s unavoidable that a pipe or leak will burst or some unexpected occurrence will result in water damage over time. Hence, do not worry since we all need to manage with at some point in our time and we could gain knowledge from other’s experiences and manage our personal water damage emergencies like an expert. Now, you are probably a property holder who has endured a few water damages and you are still hesitant what to do next? Well, you’ve reached the best place. To help you with that, here are some beneficial things you must do and must not do as you do water cleanup damage:


Act immediately

You need to act immediately because each minute your water stays in your house could result in bigger structural damage and minimize the chances to be fully restored.

Contact an expert as soon as possible

You should do this step first and never make it as a last option. With this, assistance could be upcoming as you perform initial cleanup and you’ll not waste time expecting for assistance to arrive.

Be vigilant to not come into contact with polluted water

Water doesn’t need to be dirty to be polluted; it can be in the form of standing groundwater or a burst laundry pipe. Always practice being careful.

You can access your water if it’s safe

At times, compressing a flood in an undeveloped state could be as easy as determining that the waters are emerging from a particular pipe and removing water supply to that area of your home.

Get rid of loose properties and rugs since they could lead to staining. Moreover, it could be beneficial to place foil or dry plywood under the furniture’s legs to prevent them from only staying on wet carpet.


Do not risk electricity hazards

Be mindful once operating appliances such as wet vacuums, space heaters, or fans. It is more advisable to shut off electricity to the places affected if you’re uncertain.

Do not forget to get rid of any valuable thing from the affected area

Attempt to do all the restoration all by yourself. You might be lured, particularly when your water damage emergency appears to be manageable and small. This is risky since even minimal occurrences that are not properly managed could result in mold growth and irreversible damage. Immediately contacting an expert is, in fact, an investment to guarantee that your damage is handled well. Moreover, you will have peace of mind.

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